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Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teenagers

Vaping has increased among 12th-graders, with nearly 1 in 3 saying they used some kind of vaping device in the last year, according to ...


mercoledì 20 aprile 2016

Landmark cannabis report explores trends in Colorado

Colorado’s treatment centers have seen a trend toward heavier marijuana use among patients in the years after the state legalized the drug, according to a new report from the state Department of Public Safety.

Marijuana legalisation debate fires up in France

French politicians across the board on Tuesday slammed a Socialist minister's call to legalise marijuana, re-igniting the debate in a country where cannabis use is common.

Uruguay to test world’s first state-commissioned recreational cannabis

People demonstrate for the legalization of marijuana in front of the Legislative Palace in Montevideo on 10 December 2013. Photograph: Pablo Porciuncula/AFP/Getty Images

Two firms are working legally to grow weed on behalf of the government to sell in pharmacies as the UN prepares to discuss failed ‘war on drugs’ this week

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