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giovedì 21 luglio 2016

"M Cream" movie opens debate on marijuana legalization

Director Agneya Singh of upcoming film 'M Cream' hopes that the movie, which has marijuana as an important element, opens the debate regarding legalization of marijuana in India.

"Marijuana is not even a drug, it's a herb. It has been used in Indian culture for hundreds of years. In fact, India had opposed the US-led UN convention to ban marijuana in the 50s," Singh said.

"US has decriminalised marijuana, so many countries in Europe are allowing people to smoke it, there is so much medical proof and evidence about the therapeutic benefits of marijuana and cannabis," the director said in an interview. "So I think it is very hypocritical that here in India, where we have actually the best hashish and marijuana in the world, we have not legalised it or decriminalised it at least. So I do hope that the film is able to open that debate," Agneya added.

While marijuana is a crucial component of the film, the film is actually a story revolving around another drug named M Cream, a mythical magical variant of the drug hashish. The film traces this road journey by a group of rebellious friends, to the mountains in Himachal Pradesh in pursuit of this drug.

Agneya added: "Of course the film is not just about marijuana or drugs, but I do hope that it's able to open a debate within the society because I think there is a generational shift, I think a lot of young people want the drug to be legalised due to its benefits and the fact that it's not the same thing as cocaine or heroin." "That's something that the older generation, the government and the health authorities need to know about," the director said.

Another recent release 'Udta Punjab' had drugs as an important component. "A lot of people have been comparing our film with 'Udta Punjab'. I think it has raised a controversy which has opened a lot of new doors for Indian cinema and for Indian filmmakers. The two drugs, heroin and cocaine that have been depicted in 'Udta Punjab' and marijuana in our film are completely different," he added.

'M Cream', which has won numerous awards in international festivals, is produced by Vindhya Singh under the banner Agniputra Films. The film stars Imaad Shah, Ira Dubey and Auritra Ghosh in lead roles.

Agneya Singh: Hope 'M Cream' opens debate on marijuana legalization 

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