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Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teenagers

Vaping has increased among 12th-graders, with nearly 1 in 3 saying they used some kind of vaping device in the last year, according to ...


domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Nano Cannabis

Sales based on Israeli startup Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) Biotech‘s nanotechnology have started in the US

Gonzo Cannabis

Hunter S. Thompson's everlasting influence will soon include a brand of cannabis under the "Gonzo" name, thanks to his widow, Anita Thompson

"Releaf" Medical Marijuana App

Using edibles for your medical marijuana treatment? Now you can also track that experience with Releaf

Vaginal Cannabis

The almighty health benefits of cannabis are becoming increasingly accepted in mainstream society and are being bolstered by numerous recent studies

Marijuana Can Help Battle Depression, Anxiety, Addiction

The most comprehensive research review ever done on the topic found that marijuana can help battle depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even addictions to alcohol and painkillers

British Government Finally Admits Marijuana has a Medicinal Value

This is exactly what we have been advocating for. We have said in the past, and still stand by it, that our goal is to promote medical use of marijuana. We are not just an advocate of the plant just for smoking sake. We want people to benefit the medicinal value of the plant

Museo del Cannabis opens in Uruguay

A Montevideo, in Uruguay ha aperto il museo della cannabis, con l'obiettivo di far conoscere i diversi usi e consumi che si possono fare di questa pianta e soprattutto celebrarla

venerdì 11 novembre 2016

Erba legale in California, Massachusetts, Maine e Nevada

Mentre il mondo si lacerava sulla vittoria di Donald Trump, una notizia è passata in sordina: in California si è votato per la legalizzazione della marijuana (proposta-64), ad uso ricreativo, ed ha vinto il ‘sì’: l’erba è legale

giovedì 10 novembre 2016

mercoledì 6 luglio 2016

Hemp Inc., Playing The Marijuana Legalisazion

Imagine a video game that allows users to grow and sell weed, interact with celebrity smokers of the stuff, and ultimately build a citywide marijuana empire. Except, don't imagine it. Because it exists, right now. It's just a little under the radar, surprisingly.

lunedì 4 luglio 2016

venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Dottor Cannabis

Un giudice di Lucca ha sentenziato che il medico Cinquini, storico antiproibizionista, non ha commesso reati coltivando piante in Versilia. Lui ha appena scritto un libro e continua la sua battaglia: "E' un farmaco di prima scelta, abbattiamo i divieti"

sabato 21 maggio 2016

Medical cannabis for military veterans passes Congress

Soldiers and hippies will soon be able to smoke up together if the bill is signed by the man who works in the building seen in this photo. © Mike Theiler / AFP

Military veterans, particularly those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), may soon get access to medical cannabis in states that allow it after Congress voted to lift a federal ban.

domenica 8 maggio 2016

Thousands demand legalisation of cannabis in South Africa

Thousands of South Africans took to the streets of Cape Town on Saturday demanding a relaxation of drugs laws to allow medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.

domenica 1 maggio 2016

Cannabis Genomes

Scientists map cannabis genomes to help protect the 
plant from big agricultural corporations,
like Monsanto, that might try to patent certain strains. 
The genome mapping effort led by 
Mowgli Holmes and the startup company 

mercoledì 20 aprile 2016

Landmark cannabis report explores trends in Colorado

Colorado’s treatment centers have seen a trend toward heavier marijuana use among patients in the years after the state legalized the drug, according to a new report from the state Department of Public Safety.

Marijuana legalisation debate fires up in France

French politicians across the board on Tuesday slammed a Socialist minister's call to legalise marijuana, re-igniting the debate in a country where cannabis use is common.

Uruguay to test world’s first state-commissioned recreational cannabis

People demonstrate for the legalization of marijuana in front of the Legislative Palace in Montevideo on 10 December 2013. Photograph: Pablo Porciuncula/AFP/Getty Images

Two firms are working legally to grow weed on behalf of the government to sell in pharmacies as the UN prepares to discuss failed ‘war on drugs’ this week

martedì 2 febbraio 2016

The Himalayan Villages That Grow Cannabis

A farmer stands in a mountain cannabis field 

The plant is native but illegal in India, and mountain farmers rely on its cultivation

venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

The first cannabis company on Wall Street

A broken neck in a surfing accident triggered a dramatic career change for Derek Peterson, a former Wall Street banker who now heads listed cannabis company Terra Tech

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