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Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teenagers

Vaping has increased among 12th-graders, with nearly 1 in 3 saying they used some kind of vaping device in the last year, according to ...


venerdì 18 settembre 2015

Tax-Free Pot Day

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

They knew this day was coming, and now it's here. It's tax-free cannabis day in Colorado, where due to a quirk in the state's tax law, buyers of recreational marijuana will be relieved of most taxes on their purchase, the AP reports.

mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

THC Limited Medical Ganja

Master Bret Bogue (left), Kelli Hope and Timeless Herbal Care president, Courtney Betty

KINGSTON – Canada-based Timeless Herbal Care Limited (THC) announced Saturday it has secured a US$100-million deal to develop medical marijuana products here in Jamaica for the international market.


photo by Erik Fenderson via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Minardi is on a mission to make recreational marijuana legal in Florida next year.

domenica 13 settembre 2015

New Medical Marijuana Law in California

Two decades after medical marijuana was legalized in California, state lawmakers finally voted to regulate it, but some dispensaries are wary. Reuters/David McNew

California lawmakers quietly passed Friday the state’s most significant medical-marijuana legislation in almost two decades, but some leaders in the space worry that the law’s good intentions could get lost in the weeds. 
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