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Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Teenagers

Vaping has increased among 12th-graders, with nearly 1 in 3 saying they used some kind of vaping device in the last year, according to ...


domenica 13 dicembre 2015

Cannabis Freedom Act

Kentucky senator says marijuana should be regulated like alcohol

Kentucky Senator Perry B. Clark (D-Louisville) pre-filed a bill Friday to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult recreational consumption in the state, as reported by ABC affiliate WHAS11.

The “Cannabis Freedom Act” would legalize marijuana cultivation, possession and sales in Kentucky and would regulate the marijuana industry similar to the alcohol industry.

Per WHAS11:

“It is abundantly clear to me that cannabis, while being much less harmful, should be treated the same as alcohol,” said Clark. “The Cannabis Freedom Act is an outline on how to tax and regulate the sale of marijuana to adults 21 and older in Kentucky. It is time for this discussion in our Commonwealth.”

The measure would create a three-tier licensing system designed to separate cannabis cultivators, processors and retailers in order to prevent “monopolization and vertical integration” within the industry, according to a LEX18 report.

Tax revenues from the marijuana industry would go toward funding public schools, needs-based scholarships for post-secondary education and other state programs.

Per LEX18:
This bill will be considered during the 2016 Legislative Session which will convene on Tuesday, January 5.

Kentucky senator files "Cannabis Freedom Act" to legalize recreational marijuana EMILY GRAY 12/11/2015

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